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Always give 100%

Date: June 26, 2018

Abstract: The topic is TDD and some of the best development practices his team has learned en route to the holy grail of iOS development - 100% code coverage. If you interested in the test-first approach to writing views, generating test code using Sourcery or dealing with global functions, it's all covered!

Slides: download.

Mobile Warsaw

Patterns & practices for unit-testing Swift-ly

Date: June 18, 2018

Abstract: The talk will showcase a set of various techniques useful for unit testing mobile apps. It is based on lessons learned during the development of almost 200KLOC project written entirely in Swift.

Slides: download.

WDI 2018

Introduction to reactive programming (on iOS) - polish

Date: March 28, 2018

Abstract: Learn why RxSwift & RxJava are so hot right now. Get to know reactive programming, learn the basic principles and how to avoid costly mistakes.

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Mobile Warsaw

UI testing iOS apps for humans

Date: July 24, 2017

Abstract: Have you ever tried implementing a UI test for an iOS app? Has UI automation made you break your Mac in rage? You are not alone. Learn how the author stopped worrying and started loving UI tests. The talk will cover UI testing basics, snapshot testing, interaction testing with EarlGrey and how to combine the two in order to produce human-readable test code.

Slides: download.